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META Business School


MBA Program Application Form

Personal Data
Enter the Information
If you wish to print this application before filling it out, please download the Application Form. However, the online application must be submitted to be considered for admission.
Before starting the application, please review the MBS School Catalog, and complete the Distance Education Questionnaire and the School Performance Fact Sheet. The questionnaire and fact sheet are part of the admissions requirement.
Full Legal Name
Other Names
Used on Records
The following questions are answered voluntarily and for United States citizens only.
It is requested for reporting purposes
Students are required to submit a current, passport-sized photograph, which is a true likeness with the students’ facial features clearly visible. Please upload your photograph here.
Size Limit
: 5 MB

Professional Background
Enter the Information
Students are required to submit their resume with their application for admission.
Please upload your resume here.
Size Limit
: 10 MB

Academic Background
Enter the Infomation
Official Document

I acknowledge that I must send an official transcript from the college or university where I received my undergraduate degree for my application to be complete. I also acknowledge that I must submit one professional/academic reference, the distance education questionnaire, and personal statement to admissions@mbslearning.com or by postal mail to the Admissions Office with the application form.

Test Scores
Enter the Infomation
General test scores are not required for admission. If you wish to submit your scores, you may do so. Language test scores are required for non-native English speakers. If language test scores are required, you must submit an official document of your required language test scores to the Admissions Office. If you have received your undergraduate degree from an accredited institution where English is the principal language of instruction, you do not need to provide scores. Please send test scores to the following address:
Meta Business School
Admissions Office
2361 Campus, Suite 180
Irvine, CA 92612-1592
**If you checked yes above, please submit your language test information and score.
Enrollment Information
Enter the Infomation

* Which program are you applying for?

* Which trimester are you enrolling for?

* Do you have any courses you wish to be considered for transfer credit?

If yes, please fill out a Transfer Credit Form

Disability Services

MBS will make reasonable provision for students with learning or other disabilities. Do you have a disability you would like MBS to accommodate?

If yes, detail how your disability can best be accommodated. (You will be asked to provide further documentation.)

Important Notice regarding the Family. Educational Rights and Privacy Act: In accordance with the Family, Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974(section 438 of public Law 93-380). Information in these records may not be released to a third party without the written consent of the student.

* Statement of Purpose

Please upload your statement of purpose as a Word document with your full name in the header. In approximately 500 words, explain why you want to pursue the Online Global MBA program and describe how the program will help your career development.

Size Limit
: 10 MB

Enter the Infomation

This is to certify that I am at least 18 years of age and that all of the information presented in this application is true and correct at this time and that I will send timely notice to MBS of any significant change in the information presented herein. I understand that this is an admission for enrollment and that MBS does not guarantee my acceptance into any MBS program. I have read the online catalog and fully understand all MBS policies and procedures. I also understand that MBS reserves the right to change admission standards, tuition fees, graduation requirements, and any and all academic and administrative policies or course schedules during my term of study.

Please type your full name. It will be recognized equivalent to a legal signature when you apply for admission.